Quado ~ Release Your Mistakes

Cup your hands together, hold them out in front of you, and place within them a mistake you have made.  Now, pay attention to what your mind is saying.  It says that life would be better now if you had not made this mistake.  It brings forth a whole host of fantasies, how this or that would be better if only, if only you had done this, if only you hadn’t done that,  if only you had followed through, if only you had made a different choice.

None of this is real. This is mental chatter and fantasy about what might have been.  It is not real.  The only thing real is right now, right here.

So quiet your mind and release each mistake, each and every one.  Take your mistake into your hands, notice the fantasy talk which accompanies it and choose to let it go, like a bird you are releasing so that it may fly away home.  Just release it and watch it fly away.  And away with this so-called mistake, release the old hopes and dreams, the disappointments, the blame and the shame.  Let it all fly away.

You are as you are right now, and everything you have done has led you to this moment.  And here, standing just where you are, exactly as things are, you are surrounded by opportunity.  It is sparkling all around you, waiting to be noticed, obscured only by your tenacious hold on the past.  Release yourself from all that shame and just look around.  See this moment clearly.  See how it sparkles with newness and opportunity.

You are standing on an open field of grass and it is full of diamonds sparkling in the sun.  Each diamond is a choice you might make, an action you might take, a wondrous opportunity to be and grow and learn, a chance to embrace life in its wonder and beauty.

Let go the old and embrace this moment.  Let it sparkle.  Reach down and pick up a diamond, right now


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