If you want…

If you want to become whole,

let yourself be partial.

If you want to become straight,

let yourself be crooked.

If you want to become full,

let yourself be empty.

If you want to be reborn,

let yourself die.

If you want to be given everything,

give everything up.

~ Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu ~


2 thoughts on “If you want…

  1. I remember some years ago, I began a process of “rethinking” a lot of different aspects of my life. I had a friend who would stop me at every turn. He clearly was uncomfortable with me unraveling a lot of things and reforming them…. to be put together again. Unfortunately, it was only after we had gone our separate ways, did I finally achieve what I had set out to do. I don’t think it could have been achieved with him around. I think he could have learned something from this poem.

    • That’s how it goes sometimes. When we begin to ‘rethink’ and ‘recreate’ our lives in line with our soul’s purpose, others do not want this change because it makes them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. We have to leave them behind because keeping them around thwarts this process. It is sad when those we love have to go by the way side but we can remember what we learnt from them too, and what was received and move on with love.

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