Quado’s Garden ~ Deepen Your Commitment

Today, no matter what you are doing, deepen your commitment and lift your performance.  Lift the level of your activity.  Be what you wish to become.

 If you are working with people, act more professional in your demeanor, have more presence, exude more confidence.  Square back your shoulders and look everyone in the eye.

 If you have a task to perform, push away any doubt and apply yourself with energy and commitment.  Know that you can accomplish this task better than anyone else in the world.

 And if this is a day for relaxation, then commit yourself to being completely one with the moment and entering a state of connection and peace.

 All work is good.  All work is a noble endeavor if you commit yourself to it and give it your attention.

 If you want to be doing more and accomplishing more, then focus on what is before you right now and give it your full attention, infuse it with your energy and commitment.  If you want the future to be bright, then shine your light on this moment.


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