The Enchanted Forest ~ The Panther

Feel the power of the panther, the power of patience, attraction and readiness.  You are blessed indeed to have it within you.

The panther will teach you alert patience.  She sits in the bough of the tree in the ultimate state of power:  highly alert, yet completely relaxed, ready to respond to whatever comes down the jungle path.  She will teach you to observe quietly and unseen, calm and deeply patient, ready to seize opportunities at just the right moment, neither too soon nor too late.

The panther will also give you the power of attraction.  You will be blessed with pull energy, fueled by faith.  With the panther within you, you will be full of belief, in yourself and your powers and in the bounty of the universe, which will provide exactly what you need, when you need it.  Just breathe in the panther spirit and let life come. 

The panther will also sharpen your intuition, so that you sense what is coming and can make yourself ready.  And when the opportunities are here, when you feel them emerging at last from the jungle, fill yourself with courage and abandon yourself fully to the realization of the life you have brought forth.  Leap down upon life and devour it, make it yours.

After all, you are the panther. 



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