I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance the past few days. You know our measure of abundance is a reflection of what is in our minds and hearts. If we think ‘lack’ we get lack. It took me a long while to realise this because I was so stuck in the spiral of negativity and lack. Something has shifted and while right now it’s very good I’m hanging on to this and ‘doing’ what I can to implant this new thinking. So what is abundance? Well it can be anything, not just money or material goods. True abundance is something much more. It is a knowing in one’s heart that All that is…is Alive and longs to be helpful. That little affirmation came from my shamanic mentor and I always remember it.

Walking to the shops today I passed a beautiful yellow rose bush and just had to stop and smell the blossoms on it, the fragrance was wonderful – each rose tinged with pale pink at the edges of each petal. That’s abundance! The feeling and gratefulness I received from just stopping and smelling one rose. I may not have much money but abundance fills my life in so many other ways. I just have to shift my perspective a little.

When one begins to really notice and be grateful abundance flows – I’m not kidding! Just change your perspective. I open myself up to the Universe and it provides all my needs at the right time. Manifestation and abundance begins with each one of us. What do you want in your life, what do you really want? I’m not talking about a new phone or the latest ipod. I’m talking about the things that really matter – peace, self-confidence, less stress, but ok then material things also. When we open ourselves up to the Universe and the web of life to which we are all connected, things start to happen, good things. Maybe it will be the happiness in just smelling a rose, or maybe it will be something else – whatever you really need. Not what your ‘ego’ needs but what your spirit needs. Trust me!


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