Take a moment to think

Pushing and shoving, no orderly queue.
Let’s get that bargain before VAT’s due.
No matter at Christmas we got presents galore.
Now come the sales and we just want more!

She sits on the ground, her son in her arms.
Weeping quietly over him, no psalms for her balm.
Skeletal child born in a coma
No pot of food with delicious aroma.

The fields they are empty, the water trough dry.
No room to wonder, no energy to cry.
The next time we want that un-needed item.
Children are starving – ad infinitum!



7 thoughts on “Take a moment to think

  1. So powerful. People need to remember and poetry is a great way to bring people alive to what is so.

    THANK YOU for being so integral to making the world a better place.

    I am grateful I found you this week via the Thursday Poets Rally.

  2. creative piece…

    You are under fresh poets to explore,
    I invite you to become a participant at Thursday Poets Rally Week 36…link in your entry when you are ready.
    That’s a better way to make poetic friends, and have your talent directly exposed to fellow poets.
    Poetry awards are to be given upon completion.

    Hope to see you in, Happy Thursday, best wishes for the year of 2011.


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