Quado’s Garden ~ Go Beneath

Today, when something upsets you, respond in a new way.  Immediately go beneath your emotion and reinforce your calm and peaceful center.  You can learn to do this even while you are having an emotional reaction.  You can learn to go beneath the emotion and access your light. And while you are there, reinforce the love and honor you have for yourself.  Reinforce that you wish to live harmoniously with yourself.

You own your response completely.  And even if you cannot yet prevent your initial response, you can begin to build a deeper response of peace beneath it.  And if you do this often, it will become its own habit.  And if you continue long enough, the emotional response will die away and you will be left with the response of peace and rightness in your core, the place from which you will learn to make all of your decisions.



Prayer for today:

Today, I will return to my center always, no matter what anyone else does or says and no matter how I first respond.  I will return quickly to my center and feel and know the peace there.
Today, I invite my soul self to abide within me, in my core, in my center, ever there, reminding me of my light, reminding me of my love, reminding me of my wonder and my power.
Today, I will build a core of power within me.  Today, I will keep my fire bright.  Today, I will remember who I am, even if I appear to forget for a moment. I am strong and capable.  I am full of power.  I am.


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