Quado’s Garden ~ Be Like the Tiger

Today, relax into each moment.  All things are better when you relax. Your goal is to reach the perfect state, which is to be alert and aware within relaxation.  Today, be like the tiger, full of presence, full of awareness, ready to respond in an instant, and yet deeply relaxed.

When you go deeply into the moment, you can trust your intuition to signal you when to respond, even before your physical senses have detected anything coming your way.  Deep within the flow, you can know that you are tuned into everything as it is happening, on a level much more receptive than your physical senses alone. Too often, opportunities are missed because you are distracted by the mental noise in your mind and constrained by the tension in your body. 

Breathe deeply and let your body relax.  Breathe in and out until your shoulders drop and your neck can move.  Then slowly clear your mind, wiping it clean as if it were a white board.  Erase all thoughts.  Clear away all the clutter.  And for just a moment, listen to the quiet of your cleared mind.  Then open yourself to what this moment contains with quiet and deep observation. 

Prayer for today:

My body is completely relaxed.  I breathe in deeply and allow the fresh air to nourish and feed my body. I drink clear water and eat nourishing food.  I move easily and powerfully.  I feel deeply connected to my body, each movement graceful and full of a quiet power. I clear my mind and listen to the deep silence of being.  I invite silence to live within me so that I may connect deeply to all that is. I go deep and feel this connection.  I am calm and quiet, yet deeply aware.  I am peace and connection.  I am completely focused in now.  I am.

Your body is relaxed and your mind is focused, clear and alert.  You are ready.


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