Snow today…YAY!!!

Here in the South East of England it is snowing, or rather it has snowed and we have about 3 inches. Now I know that doesn’t seem a lot but for us to have snow BEFORE Yule/Xmas is a BIG thing. We haven’t had snow before Xmas for years…at least 12 years or so I can remember.

I took a couple of pictures of the trees at the bottom of my garden. They look so pretty covered in snow but these pictures don’t really do them justice. I also was inspired to write a little poem too.

A Snowy Day

Frozen softly on the ground
The glamour of snow
All around pristine white abounds
Glistens on trees
Bare branches coated
Sunlit sparkles, irridescent rainbows
Burns the eyes with cold
Snow excites, envigorates
The blanket hushes all sound
Even childrens’ joyous cries muffled
No bird sings today
Fluffed in their feathers


Now the story of the little wiccan birds is this. When my friend was a little boy he used to call the tiny birds like robins and sparrows ‘little wiccan birds’. I don’t know why but he did. And I was thinking of him for some reason today as he is now passed over. So here’s to you Paul!

We are going to Heathrow to pick Meadowhawk up tomorrow and it’s going to be a laugh with all this snow as the trains ALWAYS get delayed severely in this kind of weather…they say it’s the wrong kind of snow on the lines. Laughable I know…LOL But I do expect delays of some kind. Nevermind, as Thunder says, my Spirits will look after me and us and we’ll get there and back…eventually. At least it will be a laugh.

And I AM excited about Meadowhawk coming. I know I haven’t written much about it but I’ve really had so much on my mind lately. I don’t think I’ve allowed myself to get excited yet but it’s brewing inside me, I can feel it. I still have heaps to do. My practical work for Unit 6 of my Shamanic course, which is to interview a plant/herb Spirit Helper. I do wish I could interview my Stone Spirit Helper instead. I have a big chunk of natural Heliotrope (Bloodstone) and this stone is REALLY helping me right now. Helping me stay centered and grounded. I sleep with it at night and also use it to help me align my chakras and it really is a wonderful Spirit Helper. But I know my instructor won’t allow me to interview that instead. I will have to do the herb or plant.

I also have still to do all the food shopping, pay rent and bills etc and that’s where I’m going soon. I’m dreading it actually – all those people rushing about. Oh well, needs must I guess.

Next time I write in here Meadowhawk will be here….yes! I am very excited!

Bright Blessings


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