Sunday 13th December 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio

I have completely forgotten what day it is. This probably has something to do with being so excited about Meadowhawk’s visit and Yule and all the things I have to do between now and then. This time next week Meadowhawk will be here and I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to meet him at the airport and give him a huge squish. And then there’s Yule too. Yesterday me, Jess and her boyfriend Ben put up all our decorations. The tree looks lovely but the cats are already trying to dismantle it during the night. We found 6 baubles off it and rolling around on the floor this morning, one of them smashed. This will be an ongoing occurrence now between now and 12th Night when the tree comes down again. Oh well, the kitties have to have their fun don’t they. And I think it’s an exercise in patience and tolerance for us too.

Today I do my 2nd Shamanic Journey, this time to meet my Guardian Spirit. I’m excited about it but also am feeling the pressure of this course. I have to get the feedback in by tomorrow but I also have to write a short research paper on my Guardian Spirit, the animal rather. Doesn’t leave me much time. This is what I’m finding hard – the pressure to get things done. I find it hard to work to tight deadlines but on the other hand working purely at my own speed isn’t all that good either because then I put things off and off forever it seems. Like the Historical Paganism course. I’ve done absolutely nothing on that for weeks now, not since I began the Shamanism course anyway but I’ll be picking it up again in the New Year for sure.

Then there’s all the other mundane things I need to do today – washing clothes, washing dishes etc. It never seems to end.

And as I speak the kitties are still dismantling the tree…LOL
Oh they are so naughty!



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