Fire From The Sun

Long long ago, when the world was new, as the winter Sun was setting, and the land was locked in ice and snow, all the creatures thought that the warmth they had enjoyed throughout the long summer was lost forever and would never return.  A small brown bird sat in a Holly tree and thought.  What could he do?  Somehow he knew the warmth that had gone belonged to the Sun, so he decided to fly to the Sun and ask for it back.  As he took flight the twig on which he was standing snapped off, so he took it with him – it would make him feel braver.  He flew up, higher and higher, and as he flew, he felt the heat of the Sun increasing.  He flew on, getting hotter and hotter, until he could hardly bear the heat any more and his feathers were scorching, he was so close to the Sun.  Then suddenly the twig he was carrying burst into flames and he fainted and fell, down, down back to the earth.

When he awoke he realised he still had the burning twig.  He had brought the Sun’s fire back to Earth, and everyone could warm themselves in the heat from the flames.  He was a hero!  And because he was so brave, and because his feathers had been scorched on his adventure, to this very day, he is still called Robin Redbreast.


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