Monday 7th December 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Leo

Had to get up early this morning to deal with some mundane business via phone calls. How I hate making early morning telephone calls, I’m never fully awake. Still, after that was all sorted out I took the opportunity to ring Thunder and had a lovely conversation with her. I always enjoy our uplifting chats and learn so much from this dear Sister.

Yesterday I took my first Shamanic journey to the Lower World. It was amazing yet also somehow familiar, as though I was re-remembering as I’m sure I’ve been there before. I entered and exited with no difficulties and the whole thing left me feeling exhilarated yet also peaceful.

The next journey I do will be to meet my Guardian Spirit (otherwise known as the Power Animal). I need to keep a really open mind for this because what I think ‘should’ be my Power Animal, might not be. For example, as I’m strongly attracted to Fox right now doesn’t mean to say that Fox ‘is’ my Power Animal. I need to free my mind from the ‘I want it to be such and such animal’ for this is the ego talking. Easier said than done though but I’m going to try hard.

Then last night there was the Student of the Month Party given in my honour at the Merry Mists Inn. Oh this was a crazy and totally hilarious hour spent with my dear brothers and sisters. An hour of complete silliness that had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt and tears in my eyes. I had a really fun time and do thank all my brothers and sisters so much for coming, and indeed for voting me as SOTM. It is a deep honour! I was also reading some of the things my brothers and sisters have been saying about me on the Student Spotlight Board. I cannot believe it! I was nearly choked up with emotion as I read their loving words and how highly they think of me. I still have a huge grin on my face. I never really thought I made much of an impact here in the Mists. You know, I just quietly go about doing my thing. Never once stopped to think about how others might view me or what they think of me. I just always tended to think I didn’t make much of an impression – so how wrong was I! I feel so much overwhelming love towards my brothers and sisters here. We may be many physical miles apart, and may never physically meet but I really do feel very close to them and feel such a lot of love and loyalty towards them, and indeed Lady Raven and Sacred Mists as a whole.



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