Thursday 3rd November 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Gemini ~ Update

Here I am again. I didn’t have a sleep. Instead I wrapped up some Yule presents and did the washing up. Yes, I can manage that. Jess and Ben are not feeling well themselves (their backs again) so I thought I’d help them.

I just wanted to post about my Crystal Ally card for this week. I drew it just before I went off for my op on Monday. It’s Azeztulite, this crystal I’ve not heard of before but it’s very interesting because of the Shamanic path I’m learning about right now. It all fits together, the stones and crystal cards I’ve been pulling recently. All focusing my direction and thoughts on the Spirit World, which is very real to me even more now. I can feel them around me even when in an Ordinary State of Consciousness.

Azeztulite is calling you to let go of any and all densities in your life, and embrace the higher energies that are waiting to move through you. This is the card of the Priesthood, in that it heralds in a time of dedication through new ways to live, give and survive.

Azeztulite has come to aid you in perceiving the many levels of reality that surround you. Through the exploration of these realities you can gain insight and understanding necessary to manifest your purpose on Earth. Open yourself to the kingdoms of Earth, the Light Beings of the Spiritual Realms, and to your own self. This ally has come to facilitate your awakening to your true self, and your place in the Web of Light that surrounds you.

Be aware of subtle impressions, dreams, feelings, or other indicators that a message is being sent to you from other levels of reality. It may be that you are being prepared for contact by beings from another realm. In the coming times we will need to rely upon these messages in order to survive. Open yourself now to the signals and messages of these realms, so that you can become a voice for these Beings in the coming times.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric
Affirmation: I perceive my reality in the Light of the Divine.

This morning I had what I call a ‘waking dream’, where I am awake but not awake. I saw an elderly woman’s face but her eyes were made out of the stone Pietersite. I was told this by a voice. Pietersite is a stone of vision and can be used for ‘vision quests’ and Shamanic journeying. It works strongly with the body during moving meditations, quickly accessing a very high state of altered awareness. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and the Pineal Gland, accessing the intuition and prompting profound spiritual visions and precognition. It links into a very loving level of guidance. It is also called ‘Tempest Stone’ and interestingly enough Azeztulite is in the group of stones and crystals of the Storm element. That’s an interesting occurrence.

Unfortunately I don’t have any Pietersite at present but all these stones coming to me right before I begin my Shamanic journeying cannot be coincidence…no way! I believe they are Spirit Helpers come to aid me in doing my first journeys.



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