Sunday 29th November 2009 ~ Waxing Gibbous Moon in Taurus

Today I drummed for a song. Wow! Fantastic experience is all I can say. I’m still out of breath, really energised and with a huge smile on my face. I feel all smiley inside too! This time I used the Michael Harner drumming cd – 15 minute journey with call back. I drummed along with it.

I blessed the 4 directions and Spirits before I began, with Pine and White Sage Smudge. I also blessed my drum and asked it to help me keep in time with the cd drumming and to drum steadily. I also asked the Spirits to bless me with a song.

I blindfolded my eyes and began the track on the cd, and started beating my own drum along with it. Amazingly I could keep exact time with the drumming on the cd, no faltering at all. So much so that all I could hear was my own drum beats. I began to feel at one with my drum, like we were ‘One’ entity. Then suddenly I saw a series of animals and words came to me but no tune or music. However, the words really touched me deep inside and made me feel really excited and happy…joyful! I kept saying them over and over again. Definitely no tune, more of a poem but that’s not surprising as my talent is for poetry and writing. I didn’t drum with the call back as I wanted to listen to it to see how it went. With some practise I should be able to play it myself.

Now I feel moved to share the poem that was given to me. It is the first poem in a long while that’s been given to me and I feel extra blessed to have the honour of sharing it.

I have Spirits
Spirits have I
The Red Cock crows
Early morning sunlight
Glistens his feathers

The Pony rears up
And gallops over
The rolling green hills
Wind streaming his mane

The Stones jump
to the sound of the Drum…

Everything is alive
Showing its joy!

Otter, sleek and beautiful
Takes me to green depths
Playfully turns circles
Fluid in Water

Everything is alive
Showing its joy!

Everything moves to the sound of the drum
Pulsing with life
Joy and Love
Everything is alive!

After the call back and I’d finished drumming I feel so much gratitude to the Spirits. I thanked them, and my drum and left them an offering. I feel so buoyant, so excited and energised but also so in tune with All That Is! This was an amazing experience and I feel so blessed!

I also performed the Calling of the Beasts. Really I think I should have done this first. however, it was again amazing and to be honest I felt kind of nervous about ‘dancing’ the animals at first for fear of looking silly, even though no other humans were around. Somehow though I don’t feel so silly dancing in front of Spirits. I found it quite hard to do the rattling as my arm and hand seemed to tire quite easily. This is so different from drumming, which doesn’t tire my arm or hand at all. I did everything as per instructions from the Instructor and the book Way of the Shaman. I also used the chant from the Instructor for calling the Spirits. I didn’t get the words in quite the right order but I certainly felt the Spirits as the room suddenly became quite ‘crowded’. I did not ‘see’ them but rather ‘felt’ them and it did help to keep my eyes shut rather than half closed as suggested in the book. The ‘Starting Dance’ went well but boy was it tiring! I kept it up though and felt as though I was being helped by the Spirits. Then I went on to the next part of the Dance. Immediately Pony/Horse came to me and I was galloping over green hills, snorting, tossing my head around feeling the wind in my long mane. I noticed too that the rhythm of my rattling had changed too in keeping with Horses hooves. I felt very joyful and free. Then I slowly began to stand still, just reaching upward waving my arms in the air – Tree came to me. I could feel the sun glinting through my gently waving branches and leaves. Then I started to wave my whole body slowly and rhythmically and Reed came. I was a Reed slowly waving too and fro on a river bank. Then I became a Fish swimming under the water, flitting about through the weed and reed stems, and coming up for air occasionally (although fish don’t usually do this do they?). I was also visited by a Crystal, a beautiful Quartz Crystal cluster, with shimmering points sticking out at all angles. These Spirits kept coming over again in turn and each time one came I danced it. Finally another Spirit came, that of Bear, very slowly and with patience. I loped through the woods. That was the last Spirit to come. Afterwards I felt so elated and blessed; filled with Spirit! I thanked my rattle and blessed it. I also thanked the Spirits and left them an offering.

All I can say is I am blessed! I feel so thankful to the Spirits, to my drum and rattle too. Here’s an experience – for a few days now I’ve been feeling really apprehensive about my up-coming operation tomorrow (I did post about this on the Homework Forum). But now all my fear and apprehension has disappeared. I feel ‘enspirited’ for want of a better word. The Spirits are with me, I know they are, after these two very powerful experiences.

Another thing that I think is really helping me keep my perspective at Hummingbird level perhaps is that I’ve begun to align and open my Chakras each day. Since I’ve been doing this I’ve felt a definite change in my moods and how I view things.



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