Saturday 21st November 2009 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon in Capricorn

I feel very peaceful and sleepy today, kind of enveloped in a veil of love and peace. not sure if this has anything to do with the Chiron Healing that Thunder did for me the other day. I feel as though I’m kind of floating around in my own little bubble but also feel rather disconnected with others. Elendil asked if I was all right and I replied that I was fine. I guess she thinks I’m depressed or something. But no I’m not, I’m just peaceful and contemplative and quiet. It’s rather nice actually.

I decided not to do any housework today because of feeling like this, I actually feel rather depleted in energy too. But there is washing to do, so I am doing that but no hoovering etc.

I wanted to post a bit about an exercise we had to do for the 3rd Assignment for the Shamanism course. It’s been an interesting week where that’s concerned. In doing the ‘Talking to inanimate objects’ assignment, all week I have been making an effort to engage in communication with various man made objects and furniture around my house. This didn’t seem as difficult as I’d imagined at first because I’m well used to talking with my plants and cats, and all the creatures outside. So really this was an extension of that. However, I found I definitely had to move the Assemblage Point to my 3rd Eye chakra (Hummingbird Mind). I also found that pieces of furniture made from wood seemed more forthcoming with their communication, which I felt as an intuitive vibration. I think this is because they are perhaps nearer their once natural state than metal or plastic items. They made it clear to me I wasn’t looking after them too much and not showing enough gratitude for their sacrifice. By this I’m assuming the sacrifice the trees made to be turned into ‘human’ made objects. The other pieces of furniture, like the ones made from metal and plastic I had a harder time with. They were not very forthcoming but I felt they were rather disgruntled too. This exercise has really opened my eyes that I need to be a lot more mindful, to show my gratitude more by taking care of them (cleaning them more often etc), to think about what these objects actually do for me rather than what I can get out of them. Now I find my house kind of ‘humming’ and I guess that is because I’m trying to keep the Assemblage Point at my 3rd Eye Chakra. I realise that everything that is, really is alive! It’s been so enlightening.

It made me realise just how neglectful I am of the ‘beings’ and ‘spirits’ around my home. How I just take advantage of things. I’m usually a great one for hoovering but tend to neglect the dusting a bit. not that my home is really bad or dirty or anything, it’s just ‘lived in’ but I get the feeling that these ‘spirits’ of furniture would like me to take better care of them, or at least not take them for granted. It’s kind of like changing over my thoughts. Instead of thinking about what I get out of them, think instead about what they give to me…that instills gratitude.

Everything that is, is alive!



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