Wednesday 11th November 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo

I have some interesting findings regarding the tracking exercise I’ve been doing but before I post about it I’ve got to get it all straight in my mind…so a little more mulling over is needed I think. I certainly will post about it soon though.

I wasn’t able to get to the Healing Ritual last night, which bummed me out a bit but I was able to participate in the Armistice Day Healing Meditation at 11am this morning, and a very powerful meditation it was too. It was arranged by a member of another board I belong to. We were all to meditated with our crystal skulls at 11am to remember those who gave their lives for us in wars, and to meditate for peace worldwide.

So just before the allotted time I lit rose incense and my healing candle. I held Scaraphina in my cupped hands and prepared for meditation. Suddenly, dead on 11am she shot out her powerful healing blue ray to connect with all the other skulls. Remember that I’m working with her on the Astral here, where she is much bigger than on the Earthly plane. I began to feel sick and very light headed but I concentrated on my breathing and these feelings passed. Everything in the earth, including all people, was infused with healing blue light, weapons disintegrated into dust and the whole earth was encapsulated with a bright light electric blue glow. Then Scaraphina spoke to me. She said the answer is ‘Love and Acceptance’. Then she drew her healing ray back into her and the meditation was finished. The whole thing took approx 20 minutes.

The reason why I felt sick and light headed was because Scaraphina has a high vibration and connecting with the other skulls made the frequency even higher and more powerful. I think the more I work with her the more used to this I’ll become. Afterwards, I am left feeling very loving, at peace and positive. It was a wonderful and powerful meditation.

Yes, the answer is love and acceptance. If only mankind in general could see this then there’d be no more wars etc. Even though there are certain groups of people I dislike for what they DO, I need to accept and love them for WHO THEY ARE! We humans are all the same – spirits in human bodies. It’s what we do that is the problem, not what we are!

How can one accept and love a paedophile for example? This question came up in therapy yesterday. But I do not believe that anyone is incarnated on this earth as such. These people ‘learn’ to be this way don’t they? But what about their past lives? I still think it’s sad that people are hated for ‘who’ they are rather than for ‘what they do’. I’m not condoning paedophilia obviously – this is abhorrent!



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