Shamanite ~ a new stone for me

SHAMANITE -Rare North American Black Calcite

Master Shamanite is the name given to a carbon-infused Black Calcite from the Rocky Mountains of the USA. It contains many trace minerals & micro-fossils.
Mystic Lore – Intuitive sources say that Master Shamanite is the finest stone for spiritual purification and the emergence of one’s Diamond Self, the perfected pattern of one’s being. It carries the spiritual codes of DNA, for manifesting one’s full potential in the physical world. It aids in clearing all sorts of negativity & in awakening to one’s spiritual destiny as the human Tree of Life.

Metaphysical Legends & Attributes of Shamanite Warm to the skin, Shamanite emanates a protective and positive ancestral vibration. Paleozoic spiral shells captivate the lapidary imagination, and sparkling pyrites, crystals and marcasites generate a distinctive EM field. Tribal medicine people and Singers from the Four Corners region have verified this material is known to them as a protective stone, and carries with it the power to heal spiritual wounds, ancestral troubles and grief. Small nuggets of the smoky brown Shamanite called Toho (Mountain Lion) have been used as protective amulets for Indian children in the past. Within a few years of its discovery by the modern world, Shamanite has been recognized, employed and praised by crystal healers, psychics, therapists and artists in Japan, North America, Britain and Europe. Today, it is on the Top 10 Power Stones list by Japanese spiritual and shamanic crystal healers.

Metaphysical attributes include: Shielding the wearer from psychic attack, envy and the resentment of others Absorbs negativity Purifying; strengthens resistance Deepens trancework Assists with broken hearts, grief and mourning lost loves. Remembering past lives, submerged memories and critical karmic lessons.

Shamanite Black Calcite







Source: Sedona Shamanism Journey


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