Tuesday 10th November 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Leo

Yesterday I felt really grunky! Not sure if I’m coming down with the flu or something. still not feeling great but I’m up earlier than I thought I would be and at least a little enthusiastic for today. Physically still feeling under the weather but emotionally more balanced and hopeful. Not sure whether its my mindset or my meds. I’ve been without them all weekend and at last got the script filled yesterday. I know my therapist says that medications for people with PD are useless but I do not find them so. They help my moods from not swinging about too drastically and really help with the depression, so they must be a good thing right? Ok, I know they don’t really help with PD per se but for me at least they really help with the symptoms, which are so debilitating for me.

The card I picked yesterday from The Crystal ally cards is Chrysocolla. I do love this mineral! I have a beautiful Chrysocolla egg and its colour is so beautiful. Reminds me of a beautiful blue/green tropical sea. Of course Chrysocolla is governed by the element of Water, so this should not be surprising.

Chrysocolla is a blue/green opaque stone that also occurs in a stunning transparent turquoise form called gem silica (would love to have a piece of this!). The frequency of this stone embodies both the clear blue ray of the throat and the green ray of the heart. This combination encourages one to speak what is in the heart. Communicating in a loving and heart centred way is a powerful skill, and Chrysocolla is a powerful ally when you are called upon to communicate your heart to others.

In this time of change, we are being asked to review and revise our ways of communicating and interacting with one another. The power of the spoken word is now being realised. Chrysocolla has come at this time to aid us in finding new and more balanced ways of interacting, and to aid us in speaking from our hearts and our wisdom, so that we may utilise this sacred power for the highest good.

Chrysocolla also speaks of the power of affirmation. The infinite Universe knows what is in each of our hearts. There is no need to tell it. But words are powerful in creating what we want on the Earth plane. When our words are in line with our hearts and are spoken in prayer to the Divine Light, they cause powerful reverberations throughout the Earth plane, causing change and attracting that which we are praying for. spoken affirmation is a strong tool for creation and reinforcement on this plane.

The sounds that we make are sacred. The gift of speech is one of the tools we were given by spirit for creation on this plane. We can use sound to create joy and harmony, or to create pain and discord. We can create a loving, abundant world through our affirmations, or we can create an unpleasant and scarcity-filled world. The way that we utilise the sacred power of our voice is a direct reflection of our inner state of being.

Chrysocolla has come to aid us in aligning the sacred sound of our voice with the heart of the Universe, creating that which is harmonious and joyful.

Chakra: Throat and Heart
Affirmation: I use my voice as a tool of creation and love.

So, yesterday I got disgruntled about something silly really and snapped at Jess. Then realised I’d handled it all wrong. Fortunately I remembered to breathe and ground myself and this really helped. I always seem to realised where I’ve gone wrong in hindsight. I need to be slower to answer, to not react and to remember to breathe when I feel uptight. However, this morning I welcomed her with a big hug, a kiss and told her I love her very much – this is what is in my heart and I was able to communicate this lovingly.

Today I am determined not to let the aggravations get to me or steal my joy and love.



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