Meet Thomas

Today Thomas came home to me. He is a Dog-tooth (Chevron) Amethyst skull, with me to help me work with my ancestors. He is BEAUTIFUL!


Thomas dog tooth amethyst

He emits quite a high vibration and when I placed him on my solar plexus area, with Scaraphina (I wanted the two to meet and say hi) I felt such glorious excitement. Plus I found I could not breathe from my solar plexus at all. The two together are POWERFUL!

I’m so excited to be his caretaker, it’s an honour.

Yesterday I was feeling quite anxious because I felt I hadn’t done much…I never did the vacuuming…but when I look back I realise I did quite a lot actually…washed the dishes, washed clothes, made pot pourri, read some of my shamanism work, dyed my hair (now am looking much younger again…LOL), cleared out my bedroom a bit and made space for Meadowhawk when he comes over. So in actual fact I had a productive day. I really have to learn not to beat myself up.

Still no heating here. The guy is coming out tomorrow to fix the boiler but meanwhile it’s chilly to say the least. At least we have hot water because I do have an electric immersion heater.

Today is therapy day and although I really would rather not go, I am beginning to become a little more commited to going at least. But I’d rather stay here and read through all the mounds of shamanism work I have. We have two practical assignments to do this week – the meditation/breathwork and the tracking exercise. I am able to meditate to the point of ‘no mind’ as the instructor puts it. I concentrate and focus on my breathing, especially the exhalation completely. After a while all intrusive thoughts disappear and if thoughts do float by I can quickly ignore them by refocusing on my breathing. The tracking exercise as I’ve said before is coming along quite well although I did not do it last night because I was very tired. I’ve noticed it just does not work if I’m too tired.

But I have a lot of reading to do about the history of Shamanism and its roots in different cultures. Which is very interesting but boy is it a lot of work. The written text for this course is The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, and fortunately I began reading this a while ago, and I’m glad I did now.

The Crystal Ally card I pulled for this week is Turquoise, which comes under the ‘storm’ element according to the companion book. Wholeness! The rainbow snake which represents all creation contains within its coils the unity of the Universe, represented by Turquoise. The snake and the Universe that it contains are made up of tiny pieces of creation. This represents the necessity of all creation moving into harmony before wholeness can be achieved. The same is true on a personal level. All aspects of the Self must be recognised and integrated before personal wholeness can be achieved. This integration and understanding are the realm of the Ally Turquoise.

Maybe this is why I’m taking this Shamanism class – to help me achieve this.

This sky blue to green mineral combines water, wind, fire and earth energies, therefore containing the power and unity of the Storm Element. Turquoise has traditionally been a stone of vision because of its incredible sky blue colour. The Sky is a male aspect of the Earth Mother. Those beings who inhabit the sky, such as Hawk and Eagle, have incredible powers of vision. Flying hundreds of feet in the air, they not only see the total picture of the landscape below them, but can also discern the movements of the smallest mouse on the ground or fish beneath the water.

Often Turquoise will contain Pyrite, thus combining the male sky energy with the male Earth aspect and the energy of the Sun. This sacred triad symbolises the return of the wisdom of the heavens to the Earth plane. Part of this wisdom is the ability to perceive the separate aspects of oneself, and to integrate those aspects into a whole picture of ones total being.

Turquoise symbolises the marriage of the Earth and the Sky. Because it embodies the energies of all four elements, it represents the escape from the duality of the physical realm and the return to the oneness and unity of the Great Spirit of the Universe. Turquoise calls you to remember that you contain within you all aspects of the Great Earth Mother and all her moods, which take the earthly form of the elemental forces.

When you invoke the energy of Turquoise, you are asking to be shown the way to Oneness and Unity. By seeking out this path you are fulfilling the need of the current age of growth on the Earth plane. The Age of Light is a return to wholeness. Humanity long ago volunteered to be the vehicle through which spirit could learn of the duality of the physical plane. We are now undertaking to reunite the dualism of Light and Dark, Male and Female, Body and Spirit. Turquoise shows us that one can exist in Unity, bringing all polarities and dualism into balance.

Chakra: Throat through Soul Star
Affirmation: I accept and integrate all aspects of myself




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