Sunday 25th October 2009 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon in Aquarius

Did the ‘Tracking’ exercise again last night but I think I was too sleepy because I kept seeing ‘double’ and found it hard to focus. The images didn’t come so easily although they did come but were kind of fragmented. I also kept having the feeling that ‘something’ was trying to push through but didn’t quite. I have still seen no animal features or images but last night I just got the impression of monkey in my head for no reason. It was just there…monkey…and I kept wanting to giggle. Anyway, I will persevere with this exercise, not only because I think I should but because I actually like doing it. I am still gobsmacked by it.

I totally see Whirling Thunder’s point about learning experiences. I must remember this because I personally think it is true. I hate ‘labels’ but I still use them, we all do to a certain extent. Well in the Western World we do because this seems to be the only way we can validate things, and ourselves. Which is total hogwash really isn’t it. Why do we need a label to validate ourselves. I say to myself that I’m no longer going to use labels (which I think are really judgements) and I try not to use them but I still end up doing it…very frustrating.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time mulling over the goals I’m setting myself for the SM 100 Day Challenge. This has required a lot more thought than I anticipated. Rather than just think of things ‘I want to do’ willy nilly I’ve actually meditated on them and considered them. That’s a first for me. Anyway, I think I’ve been able to set 10 goals that I can achieve in 100 days. I kept wanting to add things to the list but have steeled myself not to. I can always do another 100 days afterwards and work along like that. This seems to me to be far easier and less daunting than setting goals for the whole year.



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