Tuesday 20th October ~ Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio

I again did the ‘tracking’ exercise exactly as my Shamanism instructor said…to the letter. This time the morphing faces took longer to appear. I’m not sure whether this was because I was a little keyed up beforehand and not properly relaxed. I expect so but anyway, I persevered and eventually after about 5 minutes I guess my face began to morph. Looked like wooden masks of me. Like my face was carved out of wood, or perhaps stone but they definitely had a mask like quality. These kept appearing and reappearing for a few seconds. Then older faces of me, as though my own face was going through an aging process. I thought perhaps the images looked like my grandmother but it’s not surprising actually because she and I do look very similar. Then absolutely nothing. I then noticed that I was very tense so I made a conscious effort to relax myself and concentrate on my breathing while remaining focused on my left eye. Suddenly faces were morphing very quickly, older versions and male versions too in rapid succession. The male versions looked like I was going back in time from a ‘human’ to a kind of ‘Neanderthal’ featured me but somehow male. Another thing I noticed was that the images kind of appeared in a pulsing way. I wondered why the ‘skull’ image hadn’t appeared up until now and then suddenly it did but it was as if I was looking through a ‘skull” mask which had its mouth open, even though my actual mouth wasn’t. None of these images ever smiled or looked happy, even though I did try to keep a smile on my face for some of the time. They didn’t look sad but rather thoughtful and looking off into the distance, never directly at me as my face was in the mirror. This time I didn’t identify a ‘younger’ looking face at all, they were all older versions of me and ‘male’ looking versions. I’ve found this exercise to be really interesting, quite exhilarating and a little unsettling too if I’m honest.



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