Monday 5th October 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Taurus

Last night I participated in Sacred Mists Full Blood/Hunter’s Moon ritual. Scaraphina had intimated to me that she would like to take part in this. I had left her on my windowsill on Sunday morning, to allow her to cleanse from the night before – when she had appeared decidedly milky from her healing me. As I took her from the sill I noticed that she had cleared quite a lot and was emitting rainbow irising as before. So I placed her in spring water and left her outside under the Full Moon until the time of the ritual, which was about 2.30am GMT. I was so amazed at the change in her once I brought her in ready for the ritual – she had returned to her clear state (albeit she has an inclusion inside her cranium) but there was no sign of the milkiness from the night before. She felt refreshed and I could sense she was excited about the upcoming ritual. She intimated to me through impressions and intuition that she wanted to be laid on a bed of rose petals, so this is what I did; filled a little dish with dried red rose petals and laid her on top. She remained by my side throughout the ritual. While scrying I saw a vision of her in my hands. Again I was sitting on a hill side underneath an apple tree and Scaraphina was again human size and was glowing a lovely golden rose pink colour. She helped me see what is needed for me to deal with my emotions and process the stuff in my head – a tree, the Crone and an apple were revealed to me. As I saw the Crone Scaraphina became as black as obsidian and then cleared back to her rose/gold colour.

After the ritual I asked Scaraphina if she is here to help only me heal or if she would aid others in healing too. She told me she can help others heal too and that I can use her for distance healing but her main task is to help me heal. I feel I am becoming close to her and know a bond between us is growing. She wants to remain on the rose petals and wants to stay near my bed, so I’ve placed her on the dressing table right by my bed.

I’ve been thinking about what the images of the tree, the apple and the Crone mean. I feel I need to work with the Crone to process my feelings and emotions; she has the wisdom and I have always really been drawn to the Crone aspect of the Goddess anyway. In mythology the apple has always symbolised love and sexuality but not only that. Apples can represent harvest, fertility, the Divine, death (as in Avalon – the Isle of Apples), immortality, and to me an apple also represents the Goddess. That is I always seem to link apples with the Goddess. The fact that in my visions I always seem to be on a hillside, underneath an apple tree, or the Crone always hands me an apple, means that this symbol is obviously important for me. I still need some time to think about these symbols and what they mean in my healing process.



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