Sunday 4th October 2009 ~ Full Hunter’s Moon

Last night I slept with Scaraphina. I was feeling very low, despairing and sobbing into my pillow. Lots of negative thoughts crowding my mind. I held Scaraphina and placed her on my heart chakra with my hand resting on top of her. Suddenly I saw myself sitting on the edge of a hill side underneath an apple tree. Scaraphina had grown larger and I was holding her in both hands in front of me. She was emitting powerful blue rays of energy into me. I was physically feeling a heaviness on my chest where Scaraphina was laying. But I also began to feel very calm, more positive and was finally able to get to sleep.

In the morning I saw that Scaraphina had turned quite milky in appearance. I feel quite bad about this because I feel she took all my negative energy into herself. So I cuddled her for a bit, kissed her and thanked her for her help and put her on the windowsill in my bedroom where she could absorb the gentle early morning sunlight. Later on tonight I am going to cleanse her again and put her out underneath the rays of the Full Moon. I am so grateful to her for her help and love.




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