Saturday 26th September 2009 ~ First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

I’m very excited but a little nervous too. I’ve now got all my jewellery making equipment and can begin on my crystal pendant making project – only I’m slightly nervous as I’ve never made anything like this before. I also got some silver (metal) ring bases and have stuck my small teardrop shaped Orthoceras fossil to one to make it into a ring. I have to say it looks pretty good but I haven’t worn it yet so I hope it remains stuck on and I don’t lose it. I used special jewellers cement so it should. I’ve also purchased copper wire to wrap the Seriphos Green Quartz and Angel Aura Quartz to make the pendants. I’ll post photos of them once they’re finished. Also purchased some ethically collected cockerel feathers for the feather mask I’m making for The Enchanted Oracle study activity. I’m going to use these and the duck and goose feathers I collected from the park earlier this year.

Still got masses to do study wise (haven’t I always!) but I’m slowly getting through it. It seems that I finish one thing and something else is waiting to be done. I’m glad all my studies have no time limit on them otherwise I’d be in a right pickle. But I’m enjoying what I’m doing and there is no rush which means I can just plod my way through slowly but surely. I think this way I can actually absorb what I’m learning, which wouldn’t be the case if I was rushing through to meet a deadline. I’ve thought about doing Janet & Gavin’s Practical Magick Course now it’s being offered on a monthly payment basis but if I’m honest I’ve got quite enough heavy stuff to be getting on with. There’s time for that.

I’ve been feeling very tired as usual but not nearly so sad and depressed as I was feeling a couple of week’s ago. It seems that with the Autumn Equinox I’ve turned a corner and feel brighter with a little more energy. I haven’t heard about my gall bladder operation yet but I do hope they do it before December because that’s when Meadowhawk is coming over – for 6 weeks! I am REALLY looking forward to seeing him again because I miss him so much. We talk every day on the phone of course but actually being together is even better. However, I am very thankful for what we have and the fact that he’s even in my life. He is a real, true blessing.



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