Tuesday 22nd September ~ Mabon/Autumn Equinox

So, to recap I’ve been feeling decidedly out of balance, disconnected and quite depressed these last few weeks. Then suddenly today everything seems to have changed. For the first time in ages I feel in good spirits and actually want to do things. Is this because of Mabon/Autumn Equinox I ask myself. It seems too coincidental to me. I feel as if something has changed within me, a balance of sorts. I’m very happy about it.

I have decided to make some crystal jewellery. This is the first time I’ve attempted such a thing but I saw on another site I belong to a woman who made wonderful jewellery out of crystals and copper wire – needless to say I was very impressed. So I thought I could try this myself. I recently purchased a beautiful piece of Seriphos Green Quartz that looks just like a fairy’s wing; and a twin point of Quartz Angel Aura. They are only small specimens but I think they’ll make great pendants. I’ve purchased some jeweller’s copper wire and a couple of jewellers pliers and cannot wait to begin. I also have a couple more creative projects on the burner too.

I think the Mabon ritual really brought home for me tonight the way I’ve been so unbalanced for quite a while now. To begin with the meditation (written and presented by our very own Rhiainwen) was a perfect example of harvest home and abundance. I gloried in the plethora of rich abundance. The imagery was perfect and afterwards I felt sated and warm. Actually it left me feeling very blessed and in deep gratitude for all the many blessings and good things the God and Goddess shower upon me.

LR consecrated the circle in the names of Cerridwen and Mabon; very fitting for this ritual as Mabon is the sacrificial god but also the Divine Child who is born again at Yule. Although Cerridwen is our patron goddess she is also the goddess of inspiration and transformation and these two things have really appeared in my life right now. As I reflected on the memory symbols of what has passed and what is yet to be (symbolised by the oak branch) I realised that now is the time to balance the intellectual with the practical and the creative. For too long I have filled my head with knowledge, which is all well and good but without the earthy practical and creative it all becomes stale and dry – and gives me no end of headaches. So this is the reason for me wanting to make jewellery and other such projects. The ritual left me feeling calm and peaceful inside despite the fact I’d been excited about it all day. I feel I’m now on the right track after veering off into the undergrowth recently. But even losing ones way a little is for a purpose. Something Meadowhawk said to me the other day – You can’t accept your gains until you have accepted your losses (or words to that effect) and I thought it very profound. This is where balance comes in, balancing the loss with the gain.

After the ritual I shared my apple with the fae and animals outside but also left a large slice of it for the indoor spirits; I know I have more than one Brownie in here because I’ve seen them! Seeing the Pentacle inside the apple made me feel so connected and I realise that everything is connected – probably why the spiders have come into my life at this time. Everything feels just right and as it should be. Bless and praise the Lord and Lady!



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