Seriphos Green Quartz

seriphos green quartz2

Rare green quartz from the Greek island of seriphos.
This island is named after the Seraphim, the highest order of angels and it is the only place on earth where these unusual green crystals can be found.
They exist in a cave beneath the ocean floor and finding them can be both difficult and dangerous.
Seriphos green quartz is unique not only for its colouring, which ranges from pale lettuce green to a deep spinach colour. It also grows in odd and unusual shapes which suggest plant life more than crystals.
Some specimens are like long slender leaves, tapered at each end while others are clustered like a spray of flowers. A few are carpeted with tiny druzy crystallizations, looking as if they are coated with dew. Synchronicity must have been at work when the island where these stones are found was named after angels. Or perhaps that is simply how it feels there. In any case, the seriphos green quartz crystals emanate a most heavenly energy, and one can imagine the flower beds of the heavenly of the higher realms budding with just such as these. However they are not like other stones that vibrate with the higher plane angelic energies. The paradise of the seriphos green quartz is right here on earth. Holding wearing or laying –on these stones brings one into the awareness of Earth-as-paradise. They emanate a sweet, strong vibration that that evokes the wholesome enjoyment of physical life, and facilitates the attainment of vibrant good health.
Seriphos Green Quartz is the mineral equivalent of wheat grass juice or a good herbal tonic. It helps the user or wearer to be grounded in the best possible way – through love for the material world and ones place within it. It reminds us that we too are blooms brought forth from the womb of the fertile earth, and our experience of life can be exquisite, when we bring our attention to its beauty and pleasure.
Seriphos green quartz is an ideal companion for out of doors meditation, hiking or other activities that connect us with the natural world. Wearing or carrying it when outdoors helps one see and appreciate the beauties of the living world, from the majestic sea and the silent forests, to the weed growing between the cracks in the pavement. These stones are particularly helpful to those who feel uncomfortable in their bodies, or are distressed at the hardships of life on earth. Just holding or looking at one of these stones themselves can bring a softening of sharp edges of ones stress. Meditation with seriphos green quartz can help one attain the insights that we are here of our own choosing, and that our choice was good. Feelings of “I want to go home – get me out of here !” can change to “I embrace my life-I am home”
Seriphos green quartz harmonizes well with moldavite, phenacite, azeztulite and amethyst.


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