Wednesday 9th September ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Taurus

Last night I had yet another amazing experience with my skull, whose name I’ve found out is Scaraphina (I presume by this she is female – that is the sense I’ve gotten from her). I saw an angel, this time in colour. I was flying through the air with Scaraphina leading the way. It was a sunset, all oranges and reds. Then appeared an angel right in front of me. In it’s left hand it held an Ankh and in its right it carried a set of weighing scales. It did not ‘speak’ to me but I got a strong feeling intuitively that it was to ‘weigh’ mankind. I presume the enlightened from the unenlightened. Then it flew off very fast and disappeared.

I also asked Scaraphina if she could help me contact my ancestors but she said her purpose was not for that and I would have to have another skull for this.

Just some more thoughts about the meditation I had. I was talking to my friend Allayah, on another website, and she thought maybe the scales represented balance or not to judge. Then I suddenly thought about my attitude towards angels thus far. To be honest I’ve not had anything to do with them because I’ve always equated them with Christianity, a religion I have left behind. But I need to remember that angels are far more ancient than any religion they’re attached to.

Blessings and love


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