Imagine if a Bumble Bee was Told it Couldn’t Fly?

A bumble bee that can’t fly? Sounds like something out of a Disney movie. But the word out on the street for years has been that the humble bumble is not aerodynamically sound and shouldn’t be able to fly at all. And yet we know it does.

Could nature have created something that shouldn’t, but does?

Personally I don’t think nature is in the habit of creating anything pointless, even though I wonder about blue bottle flies sometimes.

The bumble bee fascinates me so I did a little bit of googling research today and discovered that it finds honey and nectar but only in sufficient quantities for its own family – not the sort of employee you’d want in your honey conglomerate. For making honey you need honey bees. I also discovered that when you find a live but very sleepy bee, it’s not dying, it’s just in a sort of hibernation, so leave it where it is all cosy and warm.

Now imagine that you come across a baby bumble while mummy bumble (is that a mumble?) is off getting nectar for its breakfast and you tell it in very clear terms that its un-aerodynamic and mathematics proves that it can’t fly. If you told it long enough and hard enough do you think it might just begin to believe you? It might if its mummy never came home and you were left to raise it with this extraordinary, but understandable, belief.

Then one day you come across a bit of scientific news you hadn’t chanced upon before. You read that Oxford University has been exploring the bumble bee and its flying capacity. From observing them in smoked filled wind tunnels the students found that it’s a very strange little beast indeed; with wings that beat independently from each other, making them extremely inefficient. It seems that with their big thorax they use power over efficient streamlining and co-ordination. The idea that they couldn’t fly at all was based on the aerodynamic theory of 1918/19 which has evolved substantially since then.*

So what do you say to your little bee now? Sorry? You can fly after all.

But of course he was able to fly all the time, he just didn’t believe he could.

How many possibilities do we discard daily because we believe they’re impossible?

How many dreams do we discard because we think we’ll fail?

How long are you prepared to wait until you find the right evidence?

Are you ready to play?

Source: Holistic Local Newsletter


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