Save Oregon Wolf Pair From Airborne Sharpshooter

GrayWolf_USFWSOnly a handful of wolves live in Oregon, where they are beginning to recolonize the state after a 60-year absence due to human persecution. With just two confirmed litters of pups born over the past two years, every wolf in the state is important.

Right now, a federal sharpshooter in a plane is tracking a pair of wolves near eastern Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness. Homing in on a radio collar worn by the male wolf, the sharpshooter is under orders to shoot both wolves because they killed livestock.

The targeted wolves killed sheep and a cow near Baker City in April and May, but after ranchers took steps to protect their stock they suffered no more losses through June, July, and most of August. In the meantime, the wolves were sighted feeding on an elk. Now they are reported to have killed three more sheep and a goat.

In other areas, wolves have ceased killing stock entirely on their own accord. Oregon Department of Wildlife should continue helping livestock owners develop effective means to protect their stock. In the meantime, occasional but rare depredations should not preclude the survival of these precious recolonizing wolves.

These wolves need your help now. Please contact Governor Ted Kulongoski today and urge the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to rescind the kill order and permit. Then share this page with your friends and family and post it on your Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter pages by clicking the “share” button under the wolf photo.

Urge Governor Kulongoski to call off the hunt immediately. Call him at (503) 378-4582, fax him at (503) 378-6827, or email him via the web at


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