Friday 4th September 2009 ~ Full Moon in Pisces

I’m feeling a little better today. My flu/bronchitis thing seems to have eased thanks to the healing energy of my brothers and sisters here, the herbs I’m taking and of course getting enough rest. I’m still getting quite a few headaches though and sneezing plus the wheezing and cough hasn’t entirely gone but I am feeling better, which is great

scan0006-2Today I again pulled the Crimson Moon card and I really feel this has to do with my changing relationship with my daughter. As a few wise sisters have pointed out I am going through a kind of grieving process over the loss of my old role and to be honest I’d not even realised this. All I knew is I was feeling angry, frustrated and sad. But on contemplating this now I realise I am grieving. I am no longer the mother of old but have a new role as friend and perhaps mentor (if she’ll allow me to be). I wanted to protect her from making mistakes and from making the same mistakes as I made when I was young but I realise I cannot do this. She has to make her own way now and take responsibility for it. In addition, protecting her probably isn’t so good because I’d not be allowing her to make her own choices, which of course would be tampering with her own free will and that my friends is breaking the Wiccan Rede. I only just thought of that too in the last few days. I can’t believe I’d been so blind but of course I think it was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees.

Now I’ve settled back and released my grip things are going a little better and we are doing ok. However, having her and her boyfriend living here is something I really didn’t want and had hoped to avoid but plans changed and it couldn’t be avoided. I’m glad though that I put some ground rules down and limited his stay here to just a year – a temporary measure until he can get his own place fixed up at his parents house. I find it hard having them both live here because we are like two different units, them and me and want to do different things. They are young and don’t always think about others besides themselves. I guess that comes with age…LOL

Yesterday I received a book I’d bought about Nature Spirits – what a wonderful book! Here’s a short review I write about it:

A Short Review on the book ‘Nature Spirits and what they say’ ~ Interviews with Verena Stael von Holstein, edited by Wolfgang Weirauch

This is an amazing book! I received it through the post yesterday and finished reading it today. It isn’t hard as it’s written in such an engaging and sincere way.

The book consists of a series of interviews with nature spirits and Wolfgang, channelled through Verena. Here we meet elemental beings, house spirits, plant and animal spirits as well as tree nymphs and even a paper spirit. Their dialogue with the interviewer is engaging and very enlightening. Through these interviews we learn how to engage and communicate with nature spirits, what they are and what they do, what they like and dislike, and we learn of their place in the universe as well as that of humans and the future of the earth.

However, this book is slanted towards the beliefs of anthroposofism as both Verena and it seems Wolfgang are well versed in the works of Rudolf Steiner, and Verena herself is an anthroposofist. There is a definite ‘Christian’ flavour to the book. However, don’t let this put you off reading it. It is my belief that the elementals and nature beings communicate with us in a way in which we can understand, and that of course is individual and unique to each person. There is plenty in the book that is comprehensive no matter what one’s viewpoint, as long as a person is open minded and enquiring.

Reading this book has been very enlightening and in some places I felt as though a mirror was being held up to me – I didn’t always like what I saw but it’s probable that I needed to see that reflection in order to change. It has encouraged me to further my efforts in getting to know nature spirits in all their myriad forms.


Today I got my first crystal skull, a clear quartz one with rainbows in the jawline and cranium. Immediately I held it I had an amazing experience, and this was even before I’d cleansed and consecrated it. I was holding it in my hand and stroking it when suddenly I envisioned and angel with outspread wings. not a clear image but an angel nonetheless. I felt very protected and the skull became quite hot to the touch. I know intuitively that I’m going to have some wonderful experiences with this skull and that I am meant to be its caretaker.


I haven’t as yet done any actual meditations with it, nor discovered its name or its purpose with me but I’m sure I shall in the days to come.



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