Friday 28th August 2009 ~ First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Today as I sat in my back garden I felt life all around me. Of course I saw physical life – the insects, birds, plants etc but also ‘spiritual’ life. I sensed this. There are nature spirits in my big clump of rosebay willow herb. No, I didn’t ‘see’ them with my physical eyes but I sensed them. They were all around me. I realise that nature spirits are everywhere – no matter where. I may not be given a ‘vision’ or be able to ‘see’ them but I can sense them…like a vibration or vibrations. As I sat there in the mellow sunlight, with a gentle breeze blowing, hearing the rustle of leaves on the plants I could sense them. I spoke to them softly and told them I meant them no harm. I think the greatest thing we have to overcome is the expectation of seeing them. We read about people who have been granted the sight of them and expect this to happen to us. I know I have felt this way and been disappointed when it hasn’t happened. But today I just sat there and tried to push out all expectations from my mind. I’m glad I did because I was blessed with the undoubted knowledge that they ARE there, all around, everywhere. I think the main thing is to be fully open to them, to nature and to everything and then you will ‘see’. Maybe not with physical eyes but with your intuitive eye; your third eye.

Bright Blessings


One thought on “Friday 28th August 2009 ~ First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

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