Thursday 27th August 2009 ~ First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

scan0004-5My card for today is Cernunnos. So today I’m going to really reach out to nature…which means just being in my back garden but that’s ok as it’s pretty wild. I keep it that way because I’ve discovered so many different species in it now…two different kinds of crickets, a plethora of lady birds, two different kinds of snails, lizards and goodness knows what else…frogs and toads I’m sure too. I’m not sure what my neighbours think of my wild garden but to be frank I don’t care. They put up a high fence so they don’t have to look at it LOL. Which is fine by me because they’ve given me more privacy by doing that. So when the housework’s done I’m going to spend some time out there. It’s amazing just sitting in the back yard for a little while how much I can notice and see, and even though it’s my back yard I do feel closer to nature and the gods; in my own little world!

I’ve been thinking too about my current 2nd Degree lesson (14) and nature spirits. It must be quite hard for people living in cities to get out into the wild, and even though I don’t live too far away from the country it isn’t that easy for me to get out into it because of my mental health issues. That’s one of the reasons why I allowed my garden to grow wild as it affords me a little bit of the ‘wild’. But to be honest I think one can contact the nature spirits anywhere. I’ve also noticed that they don’t seem to be so forthcoming where there are a lot of people about. For example, not far away from me is a large park full of trees, grass, a lake with ducks and geese. But I’ve found it quite hard to contact the nature spirits here because the place is often frequented by a lot of people especially in school holidays. I’ve found it easier to contact them in my own back yard – not actually ‘see’ them but ‘feel’ them present. However, when Meadowhawk was over here earlier this year we went to Knole Park in Sevenoaks and there I felt the nature spirits far more as the park is very large – hundreds of acres, full of unfrequented nooks, with lots of wildlife and deer, even though there is a golf course right in the middle of it. I think the reason why they are not so forthcoming in the park in Swanley is because of the attitude of the people here, who for the most part are very unconscious to this type of thing. At Knole I sensed the spirits quite definitely and at one point even saw their ‘light’, shimmering in the undergrowth.



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