Tuesday 25th August 2009 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio

Not feeling so good today – I’ve got a really bad sinus infection and bronchitis and am in quite a bit of pain. Feel so blah! Feeling irritable too and trying not to take it out on everyone else. Really I should got to bed and I will in a minute but I wanted to write something here first. Haven’t been doing so well in drawing a card each day from The Enchanted Oracle Deck, probably because I’m not feeling well.

Anyway, Elendil and her boyfriend ‘B’ are doing well and things seem to have been going ok since he moved in. I’m very glad I made some rules though and have stipulated a time limit on his stay. I feel more in control about things. Of course there are teething problems, not really problems but just a settling in period but it all seems to be going ok. No big things and I’m determined NOT to sweat the small stuff. I really need to do this in many areas in my life. I have a tendency to get worked up over the little things, when in fact they are only little and don’t need stressing over. So whenever I feel myself starting to get niggly over something I say to myself…Deep~Glade, don’t sweat the small stuff…and it seems to be working 🙂

I just completed Lesson 3 of the Historical Paganism course and submitted it. I am really enjoying this course, even though it’s very involved with a lot of research and reading. Although I still have to start Lesson 14 of the 2nd Degree – must do that this week!



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