Tuesday 18th August 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Cancer

Yesterday’s card was Lavender Moon. At first I just didn’t know how this applied to me but suddenly I thought about how I have, for some time, been wondering whether or not I should initiate into Sacred Mists or not. For many weeks now I’ve researched, wondered, prayed, meditated and talked to Meadowhawk about this, and been confused about it all. But really the time for all that is over and I now need to make my decision, or rather as the card says:

Be alone…and measure against nothing but your own heart. Only then will you know what’s right for you. 

In this matter I need to do what is right for ME and no one else!

Today’s card is Dark Queen and again I was wondering about the application of it but then I thought about something that has been affecting me for a little while on the mundane but also spiritual level. Elendil has a new boyfriend, who is a lovely young man, and seems to be right on the level. They’ve recently been talking about finding their own place and moving in together, even though they’ve only been dating for a few months. I was a bit concerned about this because of the short while they’ve been dating and Elendil’s problems but I decided to take a back seat as I’d already promised myself I wouldn’t interfere in her life as it causes me and her too many problems. So they’ve been looking for properties to rent but then last night they asked me if he could move in here as a temporary measure only – a year at the most. Now I had been looking forward to time on my own to really start doing the things I wanted to do but then I got a message from Daily Om last night telling me how sharing one’s home can be a blessing. I was wondering why all this had come up now and had been looking at all the negatives without really looking at the positives. I really do not know why his moving in has come at this time. Maybe it’s not time for Elendil to move out yet and this time together could be a time for them to get to know each other. There are financial benefits of course but that’s not the main thing concerning me. I was worried about how I would cope mentally with him living here. however, after talking it through with Meadowhawk and meditating on it I have decided to give it a go for 6 months with a view to reviewing the arrangement again after a year. And I’ve set ground rules and a fair rent. I talked to Elendil’s boyfriend this morning and he is happy with all I’ve laid down…so we will see. I still don’t know the reason but right now I’m willing to allow things to just unfold.

However, I’m still not really sure all that pertains to this card.



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