Herb of the Week ~ Mint

Planet: Mercury, Venus

Element: Air

Deities: Pluto, Hecate

Mint is one of the herbs that has it all. It grows like a weed, is perfectly safe for use, and is an excellent remedy for reducing symptoms related to digestion. It is well known for its properties related to indigestion, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, flatulence, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and colic in children. Make a tea out of fresh or dried leaves for a tasty and refreshing after-dinner stomach soother. Mint is also very good to relieve headaches.

Mint also can be used as an appetite stimulant. It reduces hunger for a short time, but when the effects wear off the hunger returns stronger than before. For those lucky enough to need to gain a few pounds, a tea might be tried 30 minutes before a meal for appetite stimulation.

Peppermint is much more effective as a medicinal herb than Spearmint, which is mostly a culinary herb. However, use Spearmint in place of Peppermint in cases of digestive problems or colic in very small children, as Peppermint may be a bit too strong.

For a refreshing and cleansing facial wash, place a handful of bruised Mint leaves (any kind) in a quart-sized pan of cool water. Let sit for an hour or so, then chill in the refrigerator and use as desired. Mint combined with Rosemary in a vinegar is reported to help control dandruff (place the sprigs in a bottle that can be tightly sealed, and let sit for at least a week out of direct sunlight).

New research indicates that mint oil used externally in a cold compress or rubbed directly into the skin can significantly reduce pain in cases of arthritis and chronic joint pain, with few if any side effects.

Magickal Uses: For attracting money, lust, healing, travel, exorcism and protection

It is a premier healing herb magically, and can be used in healing incenses, healing charms, and healing baths. Don’t burn mint independently, but rather throw the leaves into an existing fire for the effects. For a bath, place leaves in a mesh bag and hang under the tap water.

Make a mint tea to sprinkle around the house for peace after an argument, and drink it for its healing and calming properties before meditation or rituals. Use the essential Oil in spells to tap into positive life changes. Place mint leaves in a pillowcase or under the pillow for prophetic dreams. Carry a few mint leaves in your wallet to attract money and prosperity. To rid a place of harmful spirits sprinkle salt water with a sprinkler made of fresh sprigs of mint, marjoram and rosemary.


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