Saturday 15th August 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini

So, today’s drawn card from The Enchanted Oracle deck was The Green Man, which speaks of sacrifice. As the day wore on I couldn’t relate to it…what sacrifices have I made today? I couldn’t think of any. And then Elendil came home with her boyfriend and asked if he could stay a couple of days because things aren’t going well where he is living now. So of course I said yes. I suppose this is a kind of sacrifice, giving up my peace and quiet and space for another. But it’s a small sacrifice and no biggie really. Elendil is not very happy with me at present though and I think she forgets just how many sacrifices I’ve made for her over her life – I guess just as a parent should and I’m not at all resentful of doing so. It’s just that when she forgets it hurts me a little and I do feel kind of resentful. Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today. I’m too tired to write any more.



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