Friday 14th August 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini

The card I pulled today from The Enchanted Oracle deck was White Magic, and this is very apt because I do see myself in the role of a healer, of myself and others too. I have a long way to go in healing myself of the traumas of the past. I get impatient but all will be well. But I have been mulling over the possibility of starting my own business up when my therapy is completed. This would be a herbalism, crystal healing holistic kind of business…food for thought for the future. Of course this would be as well as me and Meadowhawk’s business venture of making candles, incense and body products.

On a practical side and to do with my physical healing, I went to the hospital today to see the consultant about my gall bladder/gall stones. He said as I’d predicted. I am to have my whole gall bladder removed. There are far too many stones in it for them to remove them alone. Plus my gall bladder itself is very inflamed. So they’re going to take the whole lot out in an operation (don’t know when yet). Anyway, I’m so glad all the tests are over now and all I have to do is wait for the op and put all this chronic pain behind me at long last.



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