Friday 14th August 2009 ~ Third Quarter Moon in Taurus

The card I pulled from the Enchanted Oracle yesterday was Serenity. This card talks about finding one’s peaceful core and rising up, as if standing on a pedestal, above the raging turbulent sea of fret and worry. I am reminded once again of my relationship with Elendil and how I need to handle it. Or rather how to handle the things she is doing that I don’t like. finding my peaceful inner core, my pedestal, and rising up above the situation whilst pouring gentle calmness on our relationship and the situations that prevail is the thing to do. Worrying and fretting will not change the situation, nor will trying to control her actions. All that will do is push her away from me and make her rebel. I have to allow her to make her own mistakes and find out for herself, so she comes to her own realisation. It’s hard but finding my own serene inner core, which is always there, really helps. Really trusting in God and the Goddess and knowing that all will work out for the good of all in the end.

An Affirmation
I am serene and calm above turbulent waters. I draw my strength from the God and Goddess. In this situation I need to have patience.



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