Monday 10th August 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Aries

The card I pulled today from the Enchanted Oracle deck was Spirit of Samhain and this card really feels so right at the present moment. It’s amazing how this card fits into my life at this time.

Right now I’m struggling to come to terms with a lot of ‘issues’ from my past, stuff that still affects me to this day. The card says:

You are inbetween life and death…Some aspect of your life is over, and the moments of transformation has not yet come. This place may seem like an uncomfortable limbo. 

This is so true for me, not just about issues of my past but also my relationship with Elendil, which is changing. so the card encourages me to pay close attention to my intuition and omens. Well, recently I had a vision concerning me and Elendil’s relationship and how I can handle it for the better. I have also discovered two new animal totems – the fox and the snail (don’t laugh 🙂 ). These two animals keep appearing in my life recently and I am very drawn to them. I researched their totem meanings and they have both given me insights of how I can deal with certain things for the better.

Bright Blessings


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