Sunday 9th August 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Pisces

Had a quiet day today. Elendil off with her boyfriend although she came home for a few hours this afternoon. I’ve decided to really try hard and relinquish control over what she does. I feel she’s slipped off her path but I’m confident she’ll find her way back at some point. There comes a time when we just have to allow our kids to find out for themselves and no amount of coercion will make any difference. I had a vision where I was before this old woman in her cottage. I swear she was the Crone Goddess because she kept changing into her Mother aspect whom I recognise from other visions and dreams. She showed me a pair of old fashioned scales. On one side the scale was way up high and the other side was weighted down. She said the way up high side represented my daughter but the weighed down side was me. By the way both me and Elendil were represented by Mandrake roots. She told me I had to ‘lighten up’ in order for Elendil to come back down and us both to be balanced with each other. So, I’m lightening up…or at least making a bit effort to and I think this might work if I don’t screw it up.

Tonight I spoke to Meadowhawk briefly because he is extremely tired. He is still trying to move out of his old house and into his new place at his mothers. This is a huge thing because he has so much stuff. I cannot believe how much stuff he has to sort through and move. I don’t think he can quite believe it either. His brother, dad and daughter have been helping him, which is great because it would have been even worse doing it completely on his own. I do worry for him though because it has really tired him out badly, as well as stressed him to the limit. There is no work at present so I don’t know what he’s going to do about that. I am a little concerned about his trip here for Yule…not that far off but if he’s got no money to come it might have to be postponed. But I trust in the God and Goddess and all will work out for our best goods after all. I would really love to talk to him for a little longer on the phone and as soon as he’s moved and has rested I hope we can have a little longer phone call. I just wish I could be there to help him too but I pray for him each day, send energy and light a candle for him…I’m doing all I can and encourage him. I hope it all helps.

Tonight I wrote the next instalment of my Herb of the Week series. I’m not sure where the idea for this came from now but it’s something I decided to do on the off chance. It’s helping me learn the herbs more in depth too as I’ve got at least four great herbal books. I’ve also discovered some GREAT herbal books written by a man called Dale Pendall, which I really want to buy for myself. He wrote three volumes all on herbs and plants that can be used for hallucinogenic purposes, their lore, chemistry, amounts to be used…everything you can think of. Not that I’m planning on trying them out but the excerpt looked so interesting. This man has tried all these plants out himself, nearly killing himself in the process to find out the exact amount. There is even chapters on the old witchcraft poison plants like Wolfs Bane, Hen Bane etc. I think every witch needs to be fully knowledgeable about these kinds of plants, especially if they utilise herbs and plants in their craft like I do.

I’ve now finished Lesson 13 but just have to wait a couple more days before I turn it in. Next job is Lesson 3 of the Historical Paganism course…such a biggie. Mustn’t keep putting it off! Everything set for the next Oracle study that begins on Monday. I’m excited but nervous too as there seems to be an awful lot of people intending to join. I hope me and Meadowhawk can deliver a course that’s interesting and we keep the student numbers.



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