Saturday 8th August 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Pisces

I came across these very interesting words written by Dr Maya Sutton on Druid Magick.
The wards reward, warden, steward, warn, wardrobe, warrant, wary and beware all come from the same Old English root “ward,” that meant to guard, protect, or watch out for. “Setting the wards” is a magical technique for guarding and protecting an area or a person. We know that the Druids protected places from unwanted attention. The Roman poet Lucan wrote of a grove never violated over the ages, which people did not use for worship but left fallow for the gods. Guarding people and places is within our ability today and setting wards is one way to do it.

Stand outside the envisioned area to be protected and imagine a square around it. Begin in the front left corner; you’ll be designating the corners as black-white-black-white. Call the first corner “black” and allow the polarity of blackness to be there. With strong intention, start some energy at that corner in order to ward off anything unwanted. Turn towards the next “white” corner and move your intention and protective energy here. Complete the third and fourth corners all the way back to the starting point. Two corners opposite each other will be black and two will be white; this will foster a dynamic tension between them. You have set a parameter and called in the balance of light and dark to work for you. Complete safety requires three-dimentional protection and this necessitates moving into the spheres of Above and Below. Envision the protected area extending down into the earth and up into the sky.

The next part of setting wards requires you to shift from sending out energy to receiving an image. Concentrate on the space or person that you are protecting and let an image come to you that arises naturally. You will simply be the conduit for the already existing spirit of the place or guardian of the person. Let the image emerge and move until it covers the entire space, above, below, and all around. The power that has chosen to be guardian knows what to do. In your mind, see and say clearly what the protective image is. You can leave now, in total confidence that the wards are set and the space or person is protected. 

This is similar to the description Edain McCoy gives in her book Advanced Witchcraft (p103) but is a little simpler. I’m journalling about this particular ward becasue it resonates with me, is simple to achieve, given the strength of visualisation and focus.



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