Wednesday 5th August 2009 ~ Full Moon in Aquarius

I wish I knew what to do about Elendil. She doesn’t seem to want to participate in any of her old interests any more and hasn’t really participated in Sacred Mists for a while now. She has found a new boyfriend, who is a nice guy and seems to be treating her well. The only problem is he smokes rather a lot of pot and so Elendil has begun to smoke rather a lot too. Now don’t get me wrong, this guy holds down a job, is always on time for work but is just rather a stoner. I’ve got nothing against pot for recreational use but I don’t feel it’s doing Elendil any good to be smoking it all the time, which she now is. When I ask her about it she says it’s to help her chill out and gets quite cross with me for trying to ‘run her life’ as she puts it. Maybe I am trying to control her too much. I can just see the pitfalls (having been a stoner in my past too) and I can see where this is headed but she just ignores me. So what do I do? What can I do? I know that pot in large amounts and her mental illness do not mix and am so worried about her. She says I’m just angry because she’s got a boyfriend and can no longer control her. I’m not trying to control her – I just wish she’d listen to the voice of experience is all. She is hardly eating anything and is now skeletal…what do I do!!!!!!!!!!! What can I do? Do I have to sit by and let her make her own mistakes and then pick up the pieces? To be honest I’m a little fed up with picking up the pieces but what can I do? She’s my daughter and I love her. I admit I’m finding it hard to let go control and the issues of abandonment that I have are involved too. Not her fault and something I’m trying to deal with but I’m kind of at the end of my rope with all this and so very sick with worry all the time.

Anyway, now I’ve vented a bit on that let’s turn to Lesson 13 on Banishing, Exorcism, Personal Protection and Breaking Black Work. Banishing something, someone or a feeling means, in effect, creating a void, a vacuum. We need to be sure about what we want to fill that empty space. So often I have ‘banished’ something only to find it ‘return’ even stronger than ever. I think this is because I either didn’t replace it with something and/or didn’t really (deep down) want to let it go. It is up to me to work along with my banishing spell, so action is needed, as with all spells. Banishing someone or something can also ‘cover up’ deep-seated feelings such as anger, resentment and hurt. These feelings need to be acknowledged and worked through rather than just ignored.

Banishing really involves two different spells. The banishing done during the waning moon, and the replacing with positive energies done during the waxing moon. In this way the ‘void’ is filled up with something positive.

Personally, I don’t like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It is called ‘basic’ but I find it extremely difficult to perform and it just doesn’t resonate with me. It is too ceremonial for my liking. The ritual put forward in the lesson is, in my opinion, far too simplistic to be a true LBRP, which actually contains a lot of Abramic intonations and invocations. I suppose this is why I don’t like it. However, I do perform a banishing prior to ritual by walking deosil around the room/sacred space and smudging with incense. I draw a banishing pentagram with my wand or athame and ‘send’ it outwards, asking for harmful entities and energies banished and replaced with positive ones in the name of the God and Goddess. The lesson states that a banishing isn’t always necessary prior to ritual but I always do one as I find it provides a ‘clean and positive’ state in which to commence ritual. Rather like having a shower before putting your best dress on.

When I draw banishing pentagrams I always use the one for earth. I know each element has its own banishing (and invoking) pentagram but to be honest I always get confused and do not know them by heart. I know some people use them to invoke and dismiss the quarters but I haven’t tried it for fear of messing up big time.

My own cleansing spell for the home is as follows:

In a large bowl mix the following:
6 parts sea salt crystals
1 part mandrake root
2 parts yarrow
2 parts oak bark
1 part dragon’s blood

Sprinkle along all windowsills and at the bottom of all outer doors. Remember to do upstairs windowsills as well. As you sprinkle say:


I then smudge everywhere inside the house, including all cupboards and drawers repeating the same chant.



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