Herb of the Week ~ Mullein


Folknames: Aaron’s Rod, Candlewick Plant, Feltwort, Graveyard Dust, Hag’s Tapers, Jupiter’s Staff, Torches, Velvetback

Planet: Saturn

Element: Fire

Deity: Jupiter

Powers: Courage, Protection, Love, Health, Divination, Exorcism


Mullein is worn to keep wild animals from you while hiking in wild places. It instills courage in the bearer. It can also protect against nightmares if placed into a small bag beneath your pillow.
In the Ozarks, men performed a simple love divination. They would go to a clearing where Mullein grew and bend the stalks down so they pointed in the direction of the lover’s house. If she loved him the Mullein would grow upright again but if she didn’t love him the plant would die.
Mullein flowers are inflammable and at one time would be coated in animal fat to provide torches at funeral processions and at rituals.

Healthwise, Mullein is a soothing relaxant, antiseptic, antitussive, mild sedative, demulcent, vulnerary and mild antispasmodic, which makes it very good for conditions such as asthma, deep coughs, emphysema, hay fever and bronchitis. The oil can also be used as an emollient for wounds, ulcers and piles.
The flowers, steeped in olive oil, they make very good eardrops, and the oil can be rubbed into rheumatic joints to ease the pain. A tea of the flowers is reported to be sedative and may be used for insomnia. Mullein is also diuretic, helping to allay inflammation of the urinary system and countering the irritating effects of acid urine. The leaves make an excellent poultice for boils and sores

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Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
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