Friday 24th July 2009 ~ Waxing Crescent in Virgo

Spent all day yesterday and most of today researching for a spell using the framework given to me in Lesson 2 (2nd Degree). I have to say that this way is far more rigorous but also more enjoyable. Yes, it takes longer but isn’t that worth it to get the spell just right…just perfect for what I want? Actually I’m putting together a protection pouch for Meadowhawk to hang in his new home. I’ve had a lot of my books off the shelf checking on correspondences and the like. What really bugs me is that in some books a particular herb might have certain properties but in another book they may be quite different. So what I did was do further research on the internet and go with the majority. I also found my intuition came into play here. In this situation if I had a really strong feeling about a certain herb I would listen to my gut instinct, then the additional research would prove me right.

I did all this same thing for all the other components I’m using and yes, it did take time but I really feel I’ve accomplished something rather than just grabbing someone else’s spell and changing it to suite my own desire. This way, my spell is REALLY my own, with my own intent, energy and love in it. I guess what I’m really trying to say is nothing beats doing the homework and preparation even if it does take longer…it is well worth while.

Of course, while doing all this I started thinking about my own Book of Shadows. I seem to be in a state of flux over it at the moment. I’m not happy with its presentation – an A4 folder and a smaller journal. But I’m just not sure how to present it, whether to have different journals for herbs, crystals etc and have a main book for rituals and spells. Of course I know its entirely up to me but I just don’t know what to do at present. I know I like hand writing a lot of the thins in my BOS but to be honest there is way too much to hand write everything and besides I think I need to be a little more selective in what I put in it. But right now I’m just too tired to think about it any more so it’s something I will leave for another day.

Meadowhawk has now been given the go-ahead to be my new co-facilitator on the Oracle board and I’m so pleased. I guess some might think that this is because he’s my partner and so the decision is a bit one-sided but the final decision was not mine anyway. I put him forward because he HAS been at every single oracle study since the board’s inception, never missed, and also knows a lot about how it works. He is also very enthusiastic and I know will provide a lot of great input. I wanted someone who has these qualities. Another thing is that he has been looking for a way in to Leadership for a little while now and this seemed like the ideal way for him. I’d far rather have a facilitator who can give the board a lot of time and attention than one who has a load of other responsibilities and so who’s time is spread thinner. I know he and I are going to make a great team and can give our best to the Oracle Studies board.



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