Tuesday 21st July 2009 ~ Waning Crescent in Cancer

Apparently the new moon doesn’t get here to England until the early hours of tomorrow morning…I was getting confused…LOL. I am feeling the effects of the waning moon…drawing inwards, lethargic, very sleepy and quiet. This past year I have really noticed the effects of the moon’s phases on me.

Some great news – I passed Lesson 2 of the Historical Paganism course with flying colours. Great! That lesson was hard for me, so much reading and research. Anyone thinking of joining this course…BE PREPARED for lots of reading and research. But I have to say you learn lots and it’s very interesting. I especially like comparing my beliefs as a Wiccan with ancient beliefs and there are so many similarities…not surprising really.

I spent time last night on Lesson 12 of the 2nd Degree and so much is being revealed to me about spell writing. I realise now that I need to be even more detailed in my writing of spells. This can be tedious and probably not so much the fun part but it is completely necessary for the best spells. I also realised that using someone else’s spells really doesn’t work. Of course one can use them as a guide, for ideas and such but it is far better to take the time and write your own. The energy and focus you put into the preparation really pays off. But I do wonder how people can say they cast spells really often, if so much work is required for the preparation. Of course once you get your spell there really is no need to re-write it all as it’ll be in your BOS but to begin with it takes a lot of concentration, thought and time…or so I think. Anyway, I’m really enjoying this lesson. The only criticism I have of it is that it would have been nice to have actually been asked to write a spell in the homework section. This would definitely make it more meaty and I do like meaty homework LOL I know that we wrote spells in the 1st Degree but it would be good to compare our spells from then and see how they’ve changed now we’ve been given a good frame work for them. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment huh?

I’m not going to therapy today. I’ve been having great trouble sleeping and hardly got any sleep last night. I tossed and turned and it was so frustrating. This morning I’m left feeling really tired and my gall bladder/stones are playing up so I don’t feel too well. But I shall be at the Esbat tonight and am all prepared for it and looking forward to it as well.



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