Monday 20th July 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini

Have been very busy today doing Lesson 2 of The Historical Paganism course and have at last completed this biggie, although I did enjoy the process of doing it. So that’s all signed, sealed and delivered.

Then I thought I’d begin on Lesson 12 of the 2nd Degree – which I hadn’t touched until now. A very interesting lesson and something I learned much from but it’s a shame we weren’t asked to write our own spell as one of the questions. I really would have liked to do this.

I think a lot of people forget, or don’t realise, that many spells need to be backed up by physical action. They cast a fantastic spell, at the right phase of the moon, with all the right correspondences, and then sit back and wait. Then they wonder why their spell hasn’t worked and the get very disheartened. But perhaps it is because they haven’t put in the necessary leg work. There is no point in casting a spell for a new (and perfect for you) job if you don’t apply for jobs and do some job hunting. The Universe always works for our benefit but we need to join hands with the Universe and take action in complement with our spells.

Another important aspect of spell casting is to have the right desire for the end result. Am I willing and able to do something good and worthwhile with the results of the spell when I get them? For example, a money spell. What am I going to do with the money after I receive it? So in writing spells we need to be Very specific about it…I need money in order to do such and such…

The deliverance (Casting) of the spell is not magick – I am the magick. Through the whole process of decision, desire, and details, careful preparation and execution of the spell I am raising energy for the spell by focusing on it through thought and action. Then there is the belief and expectation that it will come to pass. How many times have I neglected these points? Cast a spell and then…nothing! This is because I haven’t had the right mind set, the focus or done the leg work for the spell. I think this is possibly why I have very different results with spells cast during SM Esbats to when I do them myself.

Another of my problems is belief; believing without a doubt that the spell will work. This has to do with my internal attitude – lack of self esteem, confidence and unworthiness. These things cannot be changed over night and I have to keep working on them by continual use of affirmations, therapy and positive thinking and action, as well as keep on practising my spell craft. It is not easy because these negative attitudes are deeply ingrained into my psyche and thinking but I know they can be changed. I think though that this is the reason why I don’t always get the results I want in spell work.



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