Monday 6th July 2009 ~ Full Moon in Capricorn

I am inspired to create – to return to my writing, which I have neglected for so very long. A few days ago I participated in the Meditative Ways meditation writing contest and really enjoyed writing my meditation. So I thought…this is something I am good at. Why not compile hand written meditations and produce a book. I am inspired to do so! Then a dear sister did an impromptu reading for me and the reading indicated that this is a good project to embark on. Not only that but today for my rune of the week I drew Kenaz – the rune of creativity. I feel everything is working for the good of this endeavour. It is now the full moon and I feel full of creative energy just waiting to burst forth.

I have written a few meditations already that will kick start this project. I’ve decided to do one for each Sabbat, and one for each Element as well as for the Full and Dark moons. That is enough for now I think but I’m sure I will add to the list as I go on. I need to remember though that this can be an ongoing project, there is no deadline. Kenaz warns about becoming unbalanced in any creative attempt. But at least I have begun writing again and it feels good.

I also have now been given the go-ahead to move onto Lesson 12 of the 2nd Degree. This is about writing spells and I’m looking forward to it immensely. I still haven’t begun Lesson 2 of the Historical Paganism although I have read through the lesson and some notes I made. There is so much that seems a little confusing to me about Mesopotamian historical beliefs. But I have at least noticed some parallels between wiccan belief and their ancient ones, which I find really interesting and very cool.

Finally Meadowhawk is back from his weekend away and last night we had a wonderful chat on the phone. I was in a terrible state as I’ve been without my medication since Friday and I kind of did a head flip. But he calmed me down so well – he has that wonderful ability to do that bless him! Thankfully I now have medication so am feeling a little more together today.



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