Island Paradise Meditation

Sit comfortably and relax. Relax every part of your body starting at your toes and working upwards to the top of your head.

When you have done this take a deep breath in…hold for the count of three…and then exhale slowly and fully. Do this twice more and each time your cares and worries are being exhaled on your breath.

You are now relaxed and calm. As you close your eyes you feel pleasantly warm and relaxed. Like floating in a warm body of water.

You are in fact floating in the most azure blue sea you have ever seen. The water is pleasantly warm and so clear you can see the beautiful coloured corals submerged beneath you on the sea floor a few feet below. As you float over this magnificent coral bed you see shoals of fish of brightly coloured hues; oranges, pinks, greens and purples. You see a lone turtle swimming nearby, its shell a brilliant emerald green. You decide to follow this wonderful creature and do so, swimming in the warm, lapping water.

It is not long before you reach the shore and watch the turtle pull itself effortlessly out of the water, and with its strong flippers push the soft silver grains of sand away from its body as it makes its way up the beach. Now you are walking behind it, your feet sinking into the softest silver sand you can imagine. The sun has warmed this sand and it feels wonderful under your feet. So wonderful that you wriggle your toes into it as you climb up a gentle slope behind the turtle, which is making for the top of the beach lined with the beginnings of a succulent and shady forest.

As the white sand meets the vegetation the turtle stops and begins to dig a hole in the soft ground, flicking the sand back over its shell as it digs deeper. Then it climbs down into the hole and lays a large collection of glistening pale green eggs. You watch in respect and awe at this wonderful sight of a female turtle giving birth. With infinite care she then covers up the eggs, turns around and makes her way back down the beach to the azure sea.

You decide to carry on inward to explore the dense undergrowth of the forest as it looks so inviting, with large leaved emerald trees shading the hot sun overhead. As you walk down the forest path you notice all manner of luscious fruits growing from the trees; guava, mango, passion fruit and some that you don’t even know the name of. The scent from them is intoxicating and so inviting.

There are long creepers hanging down from the branches that look like tendrils of long green hair. Flitting about through the branches are birds of paradise, their plumage bright and iridescent with colour. You also see the most amazing butterflies; shimmering with blues, purples, golds and apricots. They are the largest butterflies you have ever seen and you watch breathtaken as one alights on a large colourful flower to drink nectar. The air hums with the sounds of the forest, the birds’ song and it feels as if the very ground itself is pulsating with life.

Time has no meaning here on this paradise island. You explore every inch of it, finding silver streams of the clearest and purest water, and glens of the softest grass on which to sleep. You eat the juicy fruits of the trees and sup sweet nectar from the flowers; everything sustains you. You feel as though you have been here a life time but you are on a magickal isle. Time has no place here – only wonder, peace and being one with the island and its creatures.

However, the time has come for you to make your way back so you find the forest path and follow it to the beach. It is night now but the large orb of the silver full moon lights your way and everything is coated in her shimmering light. As you come upon the beach, the sand now cool beneath your feet, you hear some movement a short distance away so you go to investigate. You stand absolutely awestruck with your heart swelling with wonder and happiness. For there on the sand are many tiny replicas of the turtle you saw when you first came. All the eggs have hatched and the tiny determined creatures are making their way en masse back to their home – the sea. With love in your heart for the wonder of new life and for the Goddess who makes all this possible, you follow them to the water’s edge.

The little turtles tumble into the water and the soft waves carry them on their long journey. You too slide into the water, floating as you did before when you first arrived. The moon shines her magickal light on you and you know, without doubt, that the Goddess is with you always.

You are now back in your room. Slowly open your eyes and breathe in slowly…and out slowly. You are back in the present but feeling very peaceful and refreshed.

Written by Deep~Glade, July 2009

One thought on “Island Paradise Meditation

  1. Feeling relaxed after going through island paradise meditation. It is great. Would surely visit the place. Nice blog. Keep it up the good work.

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