What’s in my garden today…

This morning was overcast and much cooler but I still detected some humidity. As I went outside to take the kitties ‘poo’ bag out I noticed two small snails on the concrete. They’re so pretty and I’ve not seen them before. My garden is now so overgrown it looks rather like the Serengeti with tall grasses and wild flowers (normally called weeds by others). Nevertheless, this state has attracted so much wild life that never was there before. I’ve now got toads down the end of the garden where it’s a bit boggy, the cinnabar moth and lizards even. Of course I still get the proverbial slugs but they’re welcome to chomp away. So, now I see these new snails and I’m not sure what they are, whether they are juveniles or not. I’ve been online to see if I could find out with no luck yet. While I was outside I also took a couple of pictures of my rampant Rosebay Willowherb. Of course here in England it is considered a weed but I think it is really pretty and it has just self-seeded here and the patch gets larger each year.


my back garden july09 001

my back garden july09 002

my back garden july09 004

my back garden july09 005


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