Thursday 25th June 2009 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo

I am sickened to my heart…sickened beyond belief. Today a close friend of mine sent me a petition to sign, which I gladly did. The subject – the cruel and horrific fur trade in China. The source PETA. There was a video to watch but I couldn’t watch it, although the verbal description of what goes on was enough. Animals (mainly puppies) being skinned WHILE ALIVE! Their coats ripped from their still living, breathing bodies and their carcasses thrown in a pile. These animals are still alive! The reason for this is apparently skinning them while alive makes for ‘better pelts’.

How truly abhorrent, disgusting and horrific! I can see no reason for this. The cruelty of mankind has no limits does it and all for what? For money! So that ignorant people can wear fur on their backs to look trendy and cool. Well, it isn’t trendy or cool. It is sickening!

Would they allow their pets to be treated in such a way? Of course not. So they know it is unethical but they do it for pure vanity. And the longer they want this the more China and other countries will allow it.

We need to STOP this diabolical practice. There is no reason to wear fur FULL STOP!

We as witches are powerful and we need to continue to do all we can to pressurise these people (the people who do this practice and fur wearers) to stop, to start thinking beyond money and prestige and think about what they are actually doing.

I’m asking anyone who reads this to send energy, say prayers, sign petitions and do all that you can to make this practice cease.

Sickened to my heart


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